I Hate Cold Eggs In The Morning... No Matter Their Color

Created By Christopher Deaton

Today we are celebrating the resurrection of the Christ, as you are most likely to know, and most likely to ignore after you walk out of, if you go to, Church. The true reason of this day, matters little to secularist and Christians alike; we fill the day with candy, dyed eggs and tales of magical bunnies - even if none of that has anything to do with Easter what so ever. In so many words, Easter has been secularized, just like Christmas, so that it has lost (in our minds) all of its true meaning. Even if we take a few seconds of recognition to ponder and be thankful for Jesus, we still do not even begin to comprehend His sacrifice on the cross, or realize the miracle of the resurrection. For even to many of those who say and think they believe, it is just a story.

Created By Christopher Deaton
Happy Easter!!! and never forget its true meaning.

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