Would you like to advertise a good Christian blog on your own website? If so I urge you to take the HTML code (which is colored light blue) and paste it into any HTML decoding place on your website, e.g. the 'HTML/Javascript Gadget' on blogger.

<a href="http://marksofthecross.blogspot.com"><img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-lxA3o2Pbiyo/TWrE3tm-HfI/AAAAAAAAAHA/fDlwKV7F1Jc/s1600/Marks_Of_The_Cross_Advert_High%2528er%2529_Quality.gif" width="260" height="200" alt="Visit, Read, Follow Marks of the Cross"></a>

Visit, Read, Follow Marks of the Cross
This is an example of the advertisement.
This advertisement must link to www.marksofthecross.blogspot.com as long as it still shows the default video.   And if you'd like to advertise my blog in an other way, such as another advertisement similar of just a still image and/or in different dimensions, you are most free to.


To have the full promotional video for my sisters book, The Adventures Of Warp: The Dark Knight, copy the following html text: